Important Research on Women in Leadership

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Census Survey

This survey focuses on collecting quantitative, confidential data from employers in Canada’s electricity sector about women in leadership positions. The data collected will be essential in understanding the current situation and setting a baseline that we can improve upon.

This survey can be completed by anyone in an electricity organization that has a strong sense of the organization's demographic profile. This may be HR management, directors of operations, or senior staff. It can be shared broadly with other partners in the sector.

Here are some messages you can use to promote this quick and confidential survey:


The team at @electricityhr is collecting data on women in leadership positions in Canada’s electricity sector. Provide your input today to make lasting change for tomorrow!

Help @electricityhr build a data profile that will benefit the electricity sector across the country. Share your company’s demographic data in this short and confidential demographic survey.


There are no records on how many women are in leadership positions in Canada’s electricity sector: without knowing our current situation, making progress is impossible. Please provide your confidential input on your organization’s demographics so we can better understand the situation.

Electricity Human Resources Canada is conducting important research on the number of women in leadership positions across Canada’s electricity sector. To start, we need to understand how many women are in leadership position—from there, we can make real improvement. You can help: complete this quick and confidential survey for your company.

Experiences Survey

This survey focuses on collecting qualitative information from men and women working in the sector, especially in leadership positions. The feedback collected from this survey will help us better understand the trends and barriers keeping women from stepping into leadership positions, as well as the development of best practices and resources to address the underlying issues.

We ask that you complete this survey and share it with other leaders in your organization. The input here is more specialized, and although you’re welcome to share it with colleagues outside of your organization, it may not receive much traction from social media and mass communications channels.

Shareable Message

Electricity Human Resources Canada is conducting research into women in leadership positions in Canada’s electricity sector. They’re collecting input from women and men across the sector, especially leaders. I’d be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to provide your input—it’s going to help women across the country break through the glass ceiling:

If you have any questions about the surveys or the project, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you for your support and input on this important project!

Merertu Mogga Frissa
Program Manager of Diversity & Inclusion
Electricity Human Resources Canada