Technicians and Technologists in Canada

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In Canada the engineering field is divided between three equally important and respected groups of professionals: engineers, engineering technologists and engineering technicians. Every one of these groups has its unique knowledge and sets of skills demanded by the industry. While engineers are mostly theoretical professionals, engineering technicians are practical specialists and engineering technologists, having theoretical knowledge and practical skills, closing the gap between these two groups.

It may be different from what you are accustomed to as many countries do not distinguish between those three groups and designate all technology professionals as engineers. Therefore, it is very important to understand that if you are an Engineer in the country from which you are immigrating, you may be considered an Engineering Technician or an Engineering Technologist in Canada.

Canada’s certified engineering technicians and engineering technologists are respected members of Canada’s engineering teams. They enjoy excellent salaries and high rates of employment across Canada. They may be hired as technology/technical managers, depending on the technologist's educational emphasis on management preparation.

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