Technicians & Technologists

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Why Certification?

Becoming certified gives technicians and technologists a distinct and valuable advantage in today's competitive workplace and is considered a major milestone in a professional's career. Certified technician or technologists affiliated with a CCTT provincial association enjoy:

  • A professional credential that is recognized across Canada and around the world, facilitating international job mobility.
  • Credibility with peers, employers, clients and the public.
  • Greater career advancement.
  • Numerous networking opportunities.
  • Many employers now prefer to hire certified technical professionals; it is their way of ensuring they stay on top of Canada's, and the world's, ever-changing technology needs.

CCTT's provincial associations are responsible for awarding and regulating certification. To become certified through their provincial association, applicants must successfully complete appropriate post-secondary technical programs and obtain several years' relevant work experience.

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Depending upon the province in which they are certified, certified technicians and technologists may be granted one of the following professional designations:

  • Certified Engineering Technologist (CET)
  • Applied Science Technologist (AScT)
  • Registered Engineering Technologist (RET)
  • Technologue Professionnel (TP)
  • Certified Technician (C.Tech)


CCTT Partners Associations of Interest to Technicians and Technologists

CCTT maintains relationships with national bodies sharing our business interests and goals.

National Bodies:

Canadian Advanced Technology Association - CCTT is an active member of CATA and participates in CATA's campaigns to increase technology coverage in publications and boost the profile of the industry nationally and internationally. CCTT will often forward key information from CATA newsletters to CCTT constituent members.

Canadian Council for Human Resources in the Environment Industry - CCHREI's mission is to ensure that Canada has an adequate supply of people with the demonstrated skills and knowledge required to meet the environmental human resource needs of the public and private sectors. CCTT and CCHREI signed a memorandum of understanding in 1996 to support a strong concerted message and the CCHREI concept of Discipline-Plus certification as an environmental practitioner.

Engineers Canada - CCPE is a federation of regulatory associations that collectively license and represent more than 160,000 professional engineers nationwide. Technicians and technologists have been working side by side with engineers for more than 50 years. The relationship between CCTT and CCPE is important because the success of the engineering team depends upon the mutual respect and cooperation of all the players.

Chemical Institute of Canada - The Chemical Institute of Canada is an umbrella organization for three constituent societies: the Canadian Society of Chemistry, the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering and the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology. The Institute promotes common scientific and technical interests of the societies and provides services to all its members. CCTT and the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology have a joint agreement on national accreditation.

Committee of Canadian Architectural Councils - represents professional architects, and faculty and graduates of accredited Canadian schools of architecture.

International Partners:

Other Partner Organizations: