Technicians and Technologists

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National Technology Week needs dedicated, resourceful volunteers like you to help students explore careers in Applied Science and Engineering Technology.

Why get involved?
Your profession - Canada's technicians and technologists - needs thousands of recruits to remain a strong and vibrant participant in Canada's world-leading applied science and engineering technology industry. Encouraging young Canadians to discover a bright future in our profession means a brighter future for all of us.

What is a National Technology Week Champion?
You're the kind of person who enjoys making a difference in your community and helping students discover the world of career possibilities before them.

You have the time, dedication, resources and contacts to set up and operate a range of community activities, such as public speaking engagements, school presentations, shopping mall displays, or interviews with reporters at your local TV or radio station or newspaper.

You know who to talk to in your community to convey a message, and how to express yourself clearly.

You enjoy working with people of all ages and tackling challenges big and small.

National Technology Week Champions will be recognized for their valuable contribution.

What does a Champion do?
Champions make National Technology Week happen. You turn "career awareness" into reality. You help students, parents and educators connect with the exciting opportunities available through technical careers.